Illinois Adoption Registry

The Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange were created to assist birth parents and adult adoptees who want to legally contact one another, as well as adoptees who wish to acquire medical background information. The Registry also allows parties to an adoption to indicate that they do not want to be contacted. The Registry and Exchange are voluntary, and are administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Registration is available to the following persons:

  • adopted or surrendered persons 21 years of age or older who were born, adopted or surrendered in Illinois
  • birth parents of eligible adopted persons
  • birth siblings, 21 years of age or older, of eligible adopted or surrendered persons (siblings who were not adopted may only register if the common birth parent is deceased; proof of death is required)
  • adoptive parents of eligible adopted persons who are under the age of 21
  • legal guardians of adopted or surrendered persons
  • surviving siblings of a deceased parent
  • a surviving adult child of a deceased adopted person
  • a surviving spouse of a deceased adopted person with a minor child

The Registry and Exchange provides the following options for birth parents, adoptees and other parties to the adoption:

  • registration authorizing the sharing of any of the following: identity and last known address, a copy of the Registry application, medical background information, pictures and written statements filed with the Registry, a copy of the original birth certificate for adoptees born in Illinois

  • registration denying the release of any identifying information to any other party to the adoption, while allowing the exchange of medical information

  • please note that all parties must agree to the release of identifying information for an exchange of information to occur; if one party does not want identifying information released, then the other party is notified of the registration and the denial of release of information

The registration procedure includes forms on which all registrants must provide proof of their identity. Signatures on these forms must be notarized.

There is a fee of $40 to file with the Registry. However, the fee is waived if the registrant completes the Medical Information Exchange Questionnaire at the time of the initial application and agrees to the release of medical information to at least one other party to the adoption.

At any time after the initial registration, a person may change their status regarding the release of identifying information, such as changing a denial of release to an authorization to release identifying information. There is no additional charge for this subsequent registration.

The $40 fee is also waived for adoptive parents who register within 12 months of the finalization of their child's adoption.

Registration forms can by obtained by:

  • Calling the Registry at 877-323-5299 (toll-free from anywhere in U.S.)
  • Mailing a request for forms to:

    Illinois Department of Public Health
    Division of Vital Records
    605 W. Jefferson St.
    Springfield, IL 62702-5097
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