Family Registration

AICI registers licensed families to match with children in our computerized matching database who are waiting for adoption in the State of Illinois. Please read the following instructions to learn more about family registration.


Illinois families with a current foster home license and an adoption home study who wish to adopt waiting children may complete the Family Registration ALS-2 form. icon Our detailed instruction sheet icon should be used as a guide in completing the form.

The completed family registration form should be mailed to: Adoption Information Center of Illinois, 120 West Madison, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60602.


When the completed Family Registration form is received in the AICI office, it will be reviewed according to a set of detailed procedures. icon If the family does not meet the eligibility requirements for registration, then the family will be contacted by a Resource Worker. If the family is eligible for registration, then the family's information will be entered in the database.

Registered families can also complete an AUK Registration Form icon and mail it to the AICI office so we can register them on the AdoptUsKids website, which provides families with information about waiting children across the country.

Suggested Child Matches

AICI staff will conduct weekly searches of the database to match waiting children with prospective families.

When a computer match is made, the family, the family's agency worker and the child's worker will receive a letter suggesting a possible child and family match. If AICI has a copy of the family's home study on file, then we can send a copy to the child's worker.

When the family receives a match letter, they should talk with their worker and discuss whether the match is appropriate.

If the family is interested in the child(ren), their worker should contact the child's worker to arrange for the exchange of more complete information prior to discussing a possible placement.

Family data will be kept in the database until a child has been placed or until a request is received for the data to be withdrawn.

AICI will ask families or agency staff to submit updated information on an annual basis.

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